Cedarwood Texas Essential Oil

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Botanical Name: Juniperus mexicana 
Country of Origin: USA
CAS#: 68990-83-0
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Odor Grade: Excellent odor profile. Suitable for fine perfumery
Plant Part: Wood
Perfume Note: Base Note
Aroma Family: Woody
Odor Profile: Woody, tenacious, slightly smoky with sweet balsamic undertones

Cedarwood Texas essential oil is derived from the wood of the Juniperus mexicana tree, which is not a true cedar, but actually in the juniper family. This distillation creates an upcycled essential oil as a by-product of the lumbar trade here in the United States. Cedarwood Texas has a woody, dry, powdery, and slightly smoky & balsamic nuance that is reminiscent of a cedarwood chest. Suitable for perfumery & aromatherapy. 
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