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DETOX Intensive Clay Masque, 2oz

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This blend of naturally detoxifying clays, carbons & herbs is the perfect facial masque for stressed, overwhelmed skin. Most commercial masques come to you premixed, so you are paying for over 50% water! Our Intensive Treatment Masques are pure ingredient powders that you can easily mix in the comfort of your own home. (Makes 4 ounces of final product). This is not only an ideal value, but also allows you to control the texture of your masque. You can mix the powder with any room-temperature liquid (water, green tea, vinegar, yogurt, milk, coffee, fruit juice, etc) to create a custom spa-quality facial for your skin at a fraction of the price. 


Key Benefits:

• Fragrance-free, Preservative-free, Filler-free

• Natural clays draw oils & impurities from the skin for smaller, more refined pores

• Powerful decongestant & antioxidant herbs protect

• Activated charcoal & Fullerine C60 "capture" free radicals and lock them away to prevent DNA damage

• Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth & refined


Key Active Ingredients:

Bentonite Clay– A naturally occurring clay from volcanic ash, when wet it creates a negative ionic charge that electrically draws toxins out of the skin.

• Green Illite Clay – A naturally detoxifying clay rich in minerals & decomposed plant matter. It's like a vitamin pack for your skin!

• Organic Matcha Green Tea - Organic green tea leaves which are shade-grown to increase the chlorophyll & catechin content, powerful antioxidants against aging.

Activated Charcoal - Specially treated micro-powdered charcoal binds itself to dirt & toxins within the pore to remove them

Organic Cocoa & Coffee Bean - Tonifying, purifying & antioxidant ingredients help to tone & protect tired & sagging skin. 


To use: Apply to freshly cleansed, dry skin. Begin by mixing equal parts Intensive Clay Masque Powder with liquid of your choice & stir to desired consistency. You may change the texture of the masque by adding more powder or or more liquid. Apply to skin using our Bamboo Masque Brush in even, overlapping strokes. Avoid eye & lip areas. Allow to dry for 10 minutes. Remove with warm water & washcloth. Follow with toner, antioxidant, treatments & moisturizer. 

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    best mask ive tried!

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jan 2017

    I got this mask because it's all natural. A lot of the masks now are those peel off masks that use plastics to peel off your face in a sheet. Yeah they look cool, but do I really want to smear liquid plastic on my skin? Um, no! I love that this is all natural & organic! My skin feels so soft & smooth afterwards & my pores just disappear. I can actually feel like my skin is detoxified, like it's healthier! I love it! I mix mine with green tea & apple cider vinegar. It's the best!