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Dr. Roller Eye Roller, 1.0 mm

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  • Dr. Roller Micro-Needle Derma Eye Roller, 1.0 mm Needle Length


This 1.0mm needle length micro-needle derma roller is specifically designed for the eye area.  This roller works like a fractional laser by painlessly creating micro-punctures in the skin using gamma-irradiated medical-grade stainless steel needles that work to reduce the appearance of aging in skin in 2 ways:

  1. The fractional micro-needling of the skin triggers a mild “wound healing” response in the skin. This causes the skin cells which have been micro-needled to produce new, healthy collagen AND elastin, as well as signaling the healthy skin cells around them to produce new, healthy collagen & elastin. Cells communicate with each other in this manner by releasing growth factors in what is called juxtacrine signaling. This triggers the skin to repair itself, as well as to synthesize collagen & elastin - the building blocks of younger looking skin.
  2. The micro-punctures allow for deeper absorption & penetration of the active ingredients in this serum INTO the skin, thereby allowing a more profound and immediate result from the product. Thereby reducing the depth & appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, reduced dark circles, as well as improved and increased skin texture and elasticity.


To Use:

1. Soak Dr. Roller Micro-Needle Derma Roller needles in Isopropyl alcohol for 10-15 minutes. Remove from alcohol & allow to air dry completely on a clean paper towel or guaze pad. 

2. Cleanse and dry eye area. Sanitize skin with O2 Rescue Serum

3. Gently roll the roller over skin while applying LIGHT pressure. Follow the contour of the eye area and be careful not to apply too much pressure when passing over orbital bone. Make 10 passes in a vertical direction, then 10 passes in the same area in a horizontal direction, then 10 passes in the same area diagnoally (upper right to down left), then 10 passes diagonally in the opposite direction (upper left to down right).

4. Move on to the next eye area. The area will turn pink and get warm after it has been rolled. You will experience a slight sunburned/windburned sensation to the skin. This is normal.

5. As soon as the area begins to get pink, STOP and move on to the next area. Do not roll more than directed on any one given area. There should not be bleeding or pain. Clients describe the sensation as a slight annoying scratching feeling to the suface of their skin that subsides a few moments after the rolling has stopped.

6. Once you have rolled 1/2 of your face, generously apply the serum that is included with your kit.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 on the other side of your face.

8. Clean roller before putting away (see below)


Frequency of Use:

Use once weekly in the evening before bed. The redness you experience from rolling is temporary and will subside overnight & will be gone in the morning. Do NOT apply anti-inflammatory or medicated creams such as antibacterial ointments or cortizone. These will inhibit the juxtacrine response in the skin & will negate the beneficial effects of your treatments. Avoid using perfumes or other fragranced products immediately after rolling. These may irritate your skin.



To Clean:

Before Use: Soak roller head in isopropyl alcohol for 10-15 minutes. Allow to air dry completely before use.

After Use: Rinse roller head under warm running water. Soak roller head in isopropyl alcohol for 10-15 minutes. Allow to air dry completely before storing in original container.