Hemp Soothing Balm

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THC-free and made with 100% LEGAL HEMP

Our Hemp Soothing Balm is enriched with high concentrations of CBD, CBDA and hemp-derived terpenes to create a full-spectrum cannabinoid topical that is not only good for your body, but also good for your skin! Soothe & moisturize dry, cracked, or irritated skin with this all-natural hemp-infused balm. Perfect for people who would prefer to experience the benefits of CBD through topical application. Did you know that your skin is your body's largest organ? This makes our skin a great way to absorb CBD into our system without ingesting it orally. And it softens & soothes your skin as an added bonus! 100% Natural. No added fragrance, colors or dyes. No menthol, camphor or preservatives.

May Provide Relief For:

  • Minor skin irritation due to dry skin, sunburn, insect bites, poison ivy/oak/sumac and other environmental skin irritants
  • Minor skin trauma due to cuts, scrapes, burns, tattooing and skin edema (inflammation)
  • Minor pain relief due to bumps & bruises, sprains, aching muscles & joints

Key Ingredients:

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract: Our hemp extract is derived from organically grown hemp plants. We sourced the highest quality CBD-rich hemp from an organic hemp farm in Oregon, USA. Our solvent-free extract is a ratio of 50% Raw (non-decarboxylated) and 50% heated (decarboxylated) hemp extract, which produces a final product which contains both CBD and CBDA.

Hemp-Derived Terpenes: Our CBD Oil also contains organic hemp terpenes, which are steam-distilled & contain no solvents, plus various hemp-derived aldehydes & ketones. These natural components of the hemp plant play an important role in how cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body by maximizing the receptivity of the body's receptor sites in which CBD + CBDA can attach and begin to do their job.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil: USDA certified organic, first-pressed, solvent-free. Rich in fatty acids & Vitamins A & E, it softens & protects the skin while helping to deliver the oil-soluble cannabinoids & terpenes found in our formula into the skin for better absorption & delivery.

Castor Bean Oil: The cold-pressed oil from the seed of the castor bean plant. Rich in Omega-9 fatty acids (including ricinoleic acid) and antioxidants, this oil is famous for helping to reduce inflammation and for its ability to help other active ingredients to absorb & better penetrate the skin.

Beeswax: Natural emollient, beeswax helps to lock in moisture, soften & protect skin without clogging pores. It exhibits anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties & is rich in Vitamin A and its water repelling properties form a thin, breathable barrier which allows the active ingredients to be absorbed into the skin without being rubbed off or washed away by water or perspiration.

Organic Coconut Oil: Naturally high in Vitamin E and Lauric Acid, coconut oil is touted for having anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties and is well known for providing intense moisture to the skin without clogging pores or causing breakouts.

Organic Jojoba Oil: This lightweight "oil" is actually a liquid ester that mimics the molecular structure of our skin's natural sebum. By applying to oily & acne prone skin, the skin will slow down it's own production of sebum & actually produce less oil. Jojoba is also beneficial for dissolving & removing blackheads & clogged pores.


Directions: Apply to affected area as needed.

Ingredients: Cannabis sativa (Organic Hemp) Seed Oil, Ricinus communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Hemp-derived cannabinoids (including CBD & CBDA), Organic Hemp Extract (50% decarboxylated, 50% non decarboxylated), Cocos nucifera (Organic Coconut) Oil, Beeswax, Simmondsia  chinensis  (Organic Jojoba) Oil, Steam Distilled Hemp Terpenes


FDA Disclaimer:

The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products and the information provided on this page are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Pure Skin Formulations, LLC offers this product for reference, research, and informative purposes only. Content on this website is not a substitute for advice or care from a physician or other qualified medical professional. 

2 Reviews

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    Got my life back!

    Posted by Adele Holmes on 15th Feb 2020

    I usually dont write reviews but in this case I feel I must. I have tried numerous CBD products for my joint pain and neuropathy of my hands. NEVER have I found a product that has worked as well as this Balm! The feelings of millions of fire ants crawling deep within my palms was diminished so much that I was able to hold a pen and write for extended periods of time, quite a feat for someone whos hands would drop the pen in pain and cramping after a few minutes of writing. All I can say is thank you for making and delivering such a high quality and EFFECTIVE product, youve given me part of my life back that I thought was lost. Thank you from the bottom of my heart .... and hands lol!

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    Amazing CBD Topical!

    Posted by Christina P. on 8th Jan 2020

    Hemp Soothing Balm is like a miracle product for me! I have horrible arthritis in my knees & have tried everything. I've used CBD topicals from a few other brands, but was never pleased with the results or the lack of transparency with other companies. What I love about PSF's CBD is that it contains high levels of actual CBD (not just hempseed oil). And they provide lab test results from a 3rd party lab that tests the potency of their CBD products. To me, this is huge! If I'm paying for CBD, I want the real thing & also want to know that I am getting the right dose. The balm does an amazing job of relieving the stiffness & pain in my knees. I do have to use it every day, but the results are truly dramatic. I can now walk up steps facing forward with no pain or joint weakness! And I love the smell, which to me smells like freshly brewed green tea. It states it does not contain any added fragrance, so I think the fresh grassy smell is from the hemp terpenes & extracts? At first look, it does seem a little bit pricy, but it's a 2 oz jar & I only use a tiny blob the size of my pinky nail on each knee. A little bit goes a LONG way. This jar will likely last me at least a year, even with daily use. My only other criticism is that I wish it came in a smaller size & that it goes on a little greasy. It's more like a salve than a cream. It does absorb in if you massage it in really well & doesn't leave my skin greasy. Just very soft. TIP: It's also great for dry, chapped lips. I scooped some out into a tiny sample jar & tossed it in my purse. It heals dry, chapped lips overnight! I'd like to see more CBD products from PSF - you guys are doing it right!