Hyacinth Pommade d'Enfleurage

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This is a hand-grown, hand-made Hyacinth Enfleurage Pomade. Enfleurage is a rarely used process in perfumery to extract volatile scent molecules from plant material (mainly flowers) that cannot undergo steam distillation or solvent extraction. Hyacinth flowers are so delicate that the only way you can naturally extract their scent is to use the Enfleurage method.

I grow the hyacinths & in the spring when they bloom, I hand pick each flower & remove the stems & leaves. I turn each flower upside down on a bed of unscented organic coconut oil. The flowers infuse into the oil, scenting it with their delicate perfume. At the appropriate time, they are removed & replaced with fresh blossoms. This is repeated many, many times which creates a finely scented pommade.

You can use the pommade as a natural perfume oil, or it can be further processed by a secondary extraction to create a natural hyacinth absolute. This is a 30x Pommade d'Enfleurage, which means that it was charged 30 times. The scent is very true to the smell of a living hyacinth and is very delicate & transparent.

The Pommade is solid below 78 degrees F. If your pommade solidifies, gently warm it by body heat (pockets or briskly rubbing the bottle between palms), or gently warm in a bain-marie. DO NOT MICROWAVE.

Hyacinthus orientalis (Hyacinth), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil


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