Myrrh Resinoid Somalia

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Botanical Name: Commiphora myrrha
Country of Origin: Somalia
CAS#: 9000-45-7
Extraction Method: Solvent Extracted Resinoid (Hexane-free)
Odor Grade: Excellent odor profile. Suitable for fine perfumery
Plant Part: Gum Resin
Perfume Note: Base Note
Aroma Family: Resinous
Odor Profile: Resinous, warm, incense, spicy, mushroom, licorice, woody with rubbery & sweet balsamic undertones

Myrrh oil comes from the Commiphora myrrha tree, a thorny bush in the same family as frankincense and elemi. The resin gum is wild harvested from the trees by incisions that are made in the bark and the gum resin is collected after it has dried for a few weeks. The resinoid oil differs slightly from the essential oil in that it is a deeper, richer & more aromatically refined than the essential oil.
This myrrh resinoid oil is not pre-diluted. It is viscous & sticky at 100% strength. It will be easier to work with if warmed gently in a bain-marie or diluted to 50% in ethanol or triethyl citrate (TEC). If you have trouble dissolving it in a fixed oil, I recommend gently warming the resinoid and fixed oil and combining both materials while warm. Stir gently & continuously until mixture cools. The aroma is resinous, warm, incense with spicy licorice & rubbery mushroom-like notes with a sweet woody balsamic drydown. Suitable for fine perfumery. 

NOTE: This is a RAW MATERIAL to be used by professional perfumers who have experience working with concentrated aroma materials and understand the safety involved with handling such materials. This item is NOT a finished perfume, fragrance oil or body oil. It is an extremely concentrated raw material and must be diluted appropriately before use on skin. All sales of raw materials offered in the Perfumer's Organ are final. Returns cannot be accepted once product is opened and safety seal has been broken. Please purchase a small sample size of this material for evaluation before making a larger purchase. Vials of raw materials are filled using either a calibrated volumetric pipette or a scale if item is sold by weight. Although your vial may not be filled to the top, you are receiving the exact amount of product that you ordered.
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