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This fragrance opens with a citrusy rose opening which blooms into a resonant wave of spices, honey, tobacco, resins, agarwood & genuine Mysore Sandalwood.

As it dries down, the perfume transforms into a vintage book from an historic, musty library. Yes, we all know that brittle & dusty smell of the card catalog. You are left with an insanely long drydown of old musty books, murky ink, and leather bindings which crunch when opened...releasing a flurry of crumbled glue chips on the freshly polished hardwood table. Close your eyes & enjoy....


GENDER: Unisex

FRAGRANCE TYPE: Abstract-Rose-Oud


50mL (1.7 FL OZ) Luxury Pochet Glass Atomizer

10mL Glass Travel Atomizer


TOP NOTES: Taif Rose Essential Oil, Taif Rose Absolute, Bergamot, Lemon

HEART NOTES: Saffron, Spices, Tobacco (Nicotine-free), Vanilla Bean Tincture, Tonka Bean Tincture

BASE NOTES: Sandalwood (S.album), White Ambergris, Egyptian White Musk, Indonesian Agarwood (Oud) Tincture

EXTENDED DRYDOWN: Old musty library books, aged paper, ink, dust, mildew, linseed oil-polished hardwood, damp basement, vintage leather bindings


NOTE: When sampling, please spray on skin. Due to the high percentage of natural ingredients in this fragrance, you will not be able to experience the full complexity & development of this fragrance if simply sprayed on a paper blotter. 


Natural Perfume may appear slightly cloudy at times or particulate may be visible floating in the bottle. This is normal for perfumes containing high quantities of natural resins & waxes. I filter my natural perfumes multiple times before bottling, but due to changes in temperature & aging, a small amount of sediment may appear over time. This does not negatively affect the performance of the perfume. In fact, these natural waxes & resins are highly scented aromatic materials that will melt into your skin when applied, giving the perfume an enhanced richness & longevity. Enjoy!






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    Vintage Novel

    Posted by Amira Meyer on 18th Aug 2022

    First full bottle that I have purchased. I LOVE this perfume., as does my husband. Super easy to wear but not bland by any means. Just gorgeous. Next purchase is Chypre no. 1 then Sacred smoke. Got three samples with full bottle. Cupid’s bow... loved after first 5 minutes. Initial blast of chocolate is not for me but after that it’s lovely. Hekate is too strong for me but very nice none the less. I use sample to scent our house! After the rain reminded my husband of his childhood in anew Zealand and a particular kind of grass. Amazed that a perfume can conjure such a specific memory. This is an astonishing brand, well worth exploring.

  • 5
    For the Book Lovers out There!

    Posted by Sara on 22nd Nov 2021

    I know there is actually a market out there for people who love the smell of an old library! Old leather-bound books, well-worn pages, polished wooded tables and chairs...Vintage Novel brings this feeling to life on your skin! But, if that sounds odd to some - I assure you, this one is a pleasure to wear with a large note in it actually being Tea Rose...Well done!