Vintage Novel

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Perfumers take months or years to create the perfect work of olfactory art...most of the time. But sometimes perfumers stumble upon happy accidents. Occurrences that reveal things beyond what you thought may even be possible. Creating complete universes that exist within every human cell...which in turn contain more universes...  

This is the unicorn that is Vintage Novel.

I set out to create a different take on the classic Rose-Saffron-Oud accord. And what I ended up with was a bombastic citrusy-rose opening with a stirring orchestra of base notes...waiting to explode and adding another aspect of fullness and complexity to this crescendo of a moment. But it toys with makes you wait...and then it blooms into a resonant wave of spices, honey, tobacco, resins, agarwood & vintage Mysore Sandalwood.

This glittering crescendo of olfactory excitement continues for an hour or so...each individual note peeking out here & there to claim their moment in the spotlight...until they back away to allow a void for yet another universe to be created... 




The olfactory dance comes to a screeching halt. Right before your nose, the perfume transforms into a vintage book from an historic, musty library.  Yes, we all know that brittle & dusty smell of the card catalog. You are left with an insanely long drydown of old musty books, murky ink, and leather bindings which crunch when opened...releasing a flurry of crumbled glue chips on the freshly polished hardwood table. Close your eyes & enjoy....  


TOP NOTES: Taif Rose Essential Oil, Taif Rose Absolute, Bergamot, Lemon

HEART NOTES: Saffron, Spices, Tobacco (Nicotine-free), Vanilla Bean Tincture, Tonka Bean Tincture

BASE NOTES: Vintage Mysore Sandalwood (S.album), White Ambergris Tincture, Egyptian White Musk, Indonesian Agarwood (Oud) Tincture

EXTENDED DRYDOWN: Old musty library books, aged paper, ink, dust, mildew, linseed oil-polished hardwood, damp basement, vintage leather bindings




50mL (1.7 FL OZ) Luxury Pochet Glass Atomizer

10mL Glass Travel Atomizer

2.5mL Sample (approx. 30 sprays)


NOTE: When sampling, please spray on skin. Due to the high percentage of natural ingredients in this fragrance, you will not be able to experience the full complexity & development of this fragrance if simply sprayed on a paper blotter. Sample atomizers are 3mL size but are only filled with 2.5mL of perfume to reduce the possibility of leakage due to overfilling and to make sampling more affordable.  Although they are not full to the top, they are filled with a volumetric pipette for 2.5mL of product as advertised.